Exciting Times

If you write code for a living, these are exciting times. Like most coders, the iPhone represents a great, new venue for creativity. The learning obstacle has been Cocoa; yet another language to learn even though it adheres to familiar concepts. What if you could use your HTML, javascript and CSS knowledge to build an iPhone app? That’s what the guys over at Appcelerator are thinking. I’ve downloaded their beta and am looking forward to creating an app purely using web technologies. What I need now is time. And a good idea … what kind of iphone app would you like to see?

Google’s announcement of Chrome OS could be a game changer. We won’t have to write traditional apps like we do with Windows or OSX but it does put the onus back on web 2.0 technologies and writing web-based applications. If it takes off and the major development houses support it, I can see Chrome taking some market share away from Microsoft. That’s why I suspect Microsoft is already trying to figure out how to make Windows 7 even smaller and faster and friendlier. Unlike Vista, Windows 7 will run on a Netbook so Microsoft is already thinking in that direction. Apple, on the other hand, already has a smaller, friendlier, web-savvy OS; the iPhone. Stick that OS in a 9″-12″ tablet form factor and the Chrome OS announcement becomes a smaller ripple.

Writing code is changing again but the need for code writers remains the same. Being a techie has proven to be recession-proof as the tech industry is one of the least hit venues for the current economic crisis. I remember back in the day, writing assembly code for big mainframe computers … couldn’t imagine then the environment we live in now … just like I can’t imagine what things will look like in the next 30 years.

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