Significant Times

» Significant Times
The past three months have had some significant times:

4/30/06 – Preached at Clearwater Community Church. You can listen to the sermon here

5/13/06 – Invited to speak at a homeschool graduation. I was touched the hearts of the parents of these graduating seniors.

5/2006 – I made red belt on my quest for a second black belt. Three more belts to go and I’ll be there! My Karate School.

6/13/06 – Kristyn turned 17! We celebrated a family party for her where she got the DVD Start the Revolution Without Me (IMDB link). It’s an older but very funny movie with Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland.

6/13/06 – Our 24th anniversary. We went out to Houstons for dinner and used up those gift cards. It was very nice.

6/18/06 – Father’s Day. Gail and the kids got me Star Trek:Enterprise Season 3 on DVD, The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion and a great looking sword.

» More Happenings
We’re trying to gear up for a family reunion this July in Las Vegas. My kids have never really met my family on my mom’s side. My mom had 8 sisters and 1 brother so there are tons of first, second and third cousins out there. It should be great; I haven’t seen some of my first cousins in years.

Just implemented a new prayer sign-up on our e3 Partners site. Check out e3 Prayer to sign up for a country specific prayer team or our ministry prayer team. It’s easy and doesn’t cost anything.

After I did my four part series on the DaVinci Code in our Adult Bible Fellowship, Linda Thacker started teaching the class as part of her internship. She’s doing a four-part series on the Armor of God (Eph 6:10-20). One of the things I like about the way she presents this topic is that she focuses on Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Salvation, Faith and the Word more than the specific pieces of armor.

Pastor Phil is continuing through Acts though he did a topical sermon on Father’s Day. I like his approach on Acts and its helped me greatly as I study it. Speaking of preaching …

I’m preaching at Clearwater again on July 2. It’s the Fourth of July weekend so it will be more focused on patriotism. I’m looking forward to reading the Declaration of Independence during the sermon.

Soli Deo gloria.

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